Carrying/Mounting/User Interface


The Mesa Family/Cedar Tablet Four-Point Harness is an adjustable, four-point harness that connects to the back of your device for hands free carrying.



The Soft-Tip Capacitive Stylus and Tether is a pack of 3 styluses and 3 Nylon tethers. Useable in wet weather with Mesa devices.


**Temporarily out of stock**

The Snap-Lock GIS/Survey Pole, 2 meter is an orange, 2 meter (6.56 feet) tall pole for use with the Geode or any handheld device with an external antenna.


4-point attachable CT8/CT8X2 hand strap provides secure grip while collecting data.



CT8/CT8X2 Flip Cover Case provides hands-free carrying option for mobile data collection. 4-point connector on case allows for quick installation of included shoulder strap.



The Cedar CT8/Cedar CT8X2 Clear Screen Protector offers high quality, clear protection for the touch screen on your Cedar device.



The Cedar CT8/CT8X2 Mounting Bracket securely grips your Cedar to enable the device to be mounted to a variety of RAMĀ® attachments.



The Cedar CT8/Cedar CT8X2 Pole Mount Assembly is a full solution to securely mount your Cedar device to a standard 1.25"" surveying/GPS pole.



The CT8X2 Office Stand Kit is designed to securely hold your CT8/CT8X2 in an indoor setting.